Spoopy October 2019 pt. 3 💜

The last photo diary dump of 2019’s October featuring the some other events I want to, going out with friends, a moshi moshi nippon shoot, and more 💖

So many events occured last year and I was so busy! Everything was so lively or full of stress and work, yet so worth it. Despite the stresses, I was so happy to have had these experiences.

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compiled some other october 2019 shenanigans i did XD

♬ pretty cvnt by sewerslvt – cloudri

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みんなさんと一緒に幸楽苑ラーメン🍜のラーメンを食べて、ラーメン屋さんのキャラクターをデザインしました💗楽しかったです💕 #幸楽苑

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back on my bs 🌈💜🦋🧠

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do you… wanna… open pandora’s box together? aha ha, just kidding.. unless….? ₊˚‧(๑σ̴̶̷̥́ ₃σ̴̶̷̀)

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thank you for reading ♡

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